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“Versos has been bottled directly from the cask to maintain its full character. Very old , unfiltered wines have a tendency to show some cloudiness or sediment with changes in light, temperature, and oxidation over time. This does not affect quality but shows the care taken to preserve this wine in all its complexity and authenticity.”


~ DIRCOM Ramón del Corral ~
2018 · DIRCOM Ramón del Corral

Dircom is a professional association of communication executives and managers from companies, institutions and consulting groups in Spain. It currently boasts over 900 members.

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~ Best Awards ~

2017 · BEST AWARDS Alimentary Marketing
Best Branding Wine Packaging | Bodegas Barbadillo Versos 1891

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~ Luxury Awards ~

2017 · Best production Luxury event

Versos 1891 Literary contest

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~ National Marketing Awards ~

2017 · Brand category


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2017 · Brand Building · Bronze Poetry in a bottle | Bodegas Barbadillo

The IMC European Awards are organised by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) and its Integrated Marketing Communications Council Europe ‘IMCC Europe’

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