“The history of this Amontillado begins with the company’s foundation in 1821 when Manuel’s great grandfather Don Benigno Barbadillo returns from 20 years in Mexico and purchases a bodega in the centre of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. In 1827 their first Sherry is exported, including Manzanilla to Philadelphia. By 1844 the first Amontillado is exported, to the island of Jersey.”

~ Discovering Versos by Sarah Jane Evans ~

Chairman of The Institute of Masters of Wine

Sherry is a glorious wine, and few are more glorious than the rare examples that have been left to sleep gently on for over a century in the silent cellars of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. The Barbadillo winery looks out over the lower town, sitting on the plateau, exposed to the sea breezes which refresh its airy bodegas and the wines within.

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~ The Product ~


The ‘Versos’ Amontillado is exceptional and unique as it comes from the single cask belonging to Manuel Barbadillo since 1891 and was already then described as a very old Amontillado. This and the four other casks belonging to his brothers were referred to as ‘Los Niños’ (the children’s casks). In 1988, Don Manuel’s son, Toto Barbadillo, mentions these casks in his book ‘Historia de las Bodegas Barbadillo’.

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In 1891, when Don Manuel Barbadillo was born, he received, as was the custom, a cask of old Amontillado sherry from his father Don Antonio Barbadillo. His four younger brothers would also receive a cask in the years that followed. While his cask of Amontillado aged virtually undisturbed alongside his brothers’, Manuel Barbadillo grew up to become one of the leading figures in the Sherry world. Thanks to his knowledge, dedication, and guidance, Barbadillo became one of the principal wineries in the Sherry region.

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~ Literary Contest ~

Este certamen pretende estimular la creatividad y el talento literario en torno al mundo del vino y, en concreto, sobre la Manzanilla y el vino de Jerez. Con motivo de la celebración del 125º aniversario del nacimiento del escritor y poeta Manuel Barbadillo, coetáneo de la Generación del 27, se convoca este premio para todos aquellos autores mayores de 18 años que quieran presentar sus obras inéditas de tema libre, pero basadas de manera explícita en el mundo del vino de Jerez o la Manzanilla.

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Versos has been bottled directly from the cask to maintain its full character. Very old , unfiltered wines have a tendency to show some cloudiness or sediment with changes in light, temperature, and oxidation over time. This does not affect quality but shows the care taken to preserve this wine in all its complexity and authenticity.

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